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Saltwater Fish, Live Coral, Live Rock & Invertebrates Online

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Aquarium Creations provides Saltwater Aquarium hobbyists with the highest quality marine life. Saltwater fish, Live coral, Live Rock and Inverts at great prices! If you're shopping for captive-bred saltwater fish or aquacultured corals we've got you covered there also.

To get the best marine life often means shipping marine life from half way around the world. The long shipping time will often stress the saltwater fish out. If not acclimated into saltwater aquariums correctly it can have a negative effect on fish health. So when we receive saltwater fish we have a process to allow our fish to de-stress and "put their fins up" for a while. Newly received saltwater fish are first quarantined, then placed in our aquarium holding systems for no less than 21 days to 30 days,(depending on the species). It's always easier to ship out saltwater fish as soon as possible. "Get it in, Get it out" unfortunately that's what many marine life sellers do. But Aquarium Creations would rather be known for having the highest quality saltwater fish. It costs us more, but we know its well worth it. So we start our fish eating live food, then convert them over to frozen and dry foods. Then we give them time. By providing our saltwater fish the time to de-stress and eat well before becoming available for sale, when released we're confident only the highest of quality saltwater fish will ever ship to our customers.

We offer both propagated corals and sustainably collected wild corals. Our Propagated live coral come from some of the best known and finest coral aquaculture facilities around America. Our Sustainably collected wild corals are collected by our suppliers many a very long distance from us. Just like marine fish, live corals that have been collected and shipped halfway across the globe, arrive understandably in need of some rejuvenation. Which is why we do our best to downright pamper the coral during their stay. After giving the new coral a cleansing bath and dip all are placed in the appropriate lighting reef tank. The best part is fairly soon after we place newly received corals in their reef tanks we start to see coral polyps awakening and extending. While they stay in the coral reef tanks they are receiving the conditions to help the new live corals thrive. Once again like our saltwater fish, keeping new coral in our tanks for a period of time gives them the time needed to do well. This again is how we assure we ship our customers only the highest quality.
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