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Online Saltwater Aquarium Store
Aquarium Creations Online Aquarium Store is Not just another online website selling saltwater fish and coral. There's enough of them. With 29 years in business we are one of the Best Online Aquarium Stores giving our customers both great prices and year round amazing varieties of Saltwater Fish, Live Coral, Invertebrates. Our online store is here to supply all aquarist's marine life such as Sustainable Tank Raised Marine Fish and in the same belief in sustainable marine life we carry a large selection of Tank Raised Cultured Live Coral, from some of the best coral growers around the world. Free shipping on all qualified marine life orders, Free Shipping on ALL live rock orders (no minimum), and Free Shipping on all live Sand orders (no minimum). As one of the Premier Online Stores for Saltwater Marine Life our customers have a great selection of marine fish from Australia, Indonesia, Africa, and Cultured corals from the best growers around the world, there's great corals for everyone from beginners to advance aquarists online. We love Invertebrates, from Snails to Anemones to Starfish to Urchins, and more. Finally this year marine plants and macro algaes have become very popular so we have a large variety of saltwater algaes and saltwater plants ready to ship out.

Good Old Days Visiting Aquarium Stores
Remember when both novice and serious saltwater fish hobbyists would set aside an entire weekend to travel to their favorite saltwater aquarium store to see all the latest saltwater aquarium fish, live coral, marine invertebrates along with the latest tanks, aquarium equipment, and aquarium supplies? We all still love to visit aquarium stores, there's nothing better than seeing everything in person. But now with the popularity of websites, ordering from an online aquarium store like has gotten very popular. There's no need to travel long distances all the time. is a large aquarium warehouse, with a website store catering to both the novice as well as the serious hobbyist. So expect to find in our website both rare corals and terrific beginner corals. Rare saltwater fish and the perfect beginner fish and many of those fish will actually work for their food by taking care of your tank. We ship an amazing variety of healthy saltwater fish that are all held in the proper aquarium environment for 30 to 60 days (depending on species) prior to sale to let the quality fish shine and any problems show before the fish are sold. This way we know we are shipping out Healthy, Quality Saltwater Fish, Eating Well with good stomachs. We keep all of our live corals under the correct water requirements, lighting and water flow conditions for the specific type of corals they are. We keep all of our invertebrates in specific holding tanks where fed daily providing the right foods keeps them more than just alive! Feed your inverts too. Feed them Nori sheets, important macro algae's, even frozen foods for carnivores and omnivores makes a big difference. This is important because most aquariums cannot provide enough of what your inverts need to sustain themselves without your help. The majority of aquarium shops aren't large enough to hold marine life till they are in optimum condition. The way we hold prior to shipping guarantees our customer that they are receiving healthy, quality marine life. We also provide very updated information such as the latest sustainability information in other words the best ways to keep your marine life healthy. New ways to keep your nitrates low. All information on marine life at your fingertips when you need it. Finally the competitive nature of online saltwater aquarium stores means you will save money on every order. We even provide buyers Free Shipping on every qualified order. With over 30 years actual experience shipping and caring for marine life we promise you only excellent marine life will be shipped to you, no matter where you live across the U.S.A. you can be sure that your marine life will arrive in perfect condition and both delight and impress you.
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