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Walt Smith Premium Fiji Live Rock


Walt Smith Premium Fiji Live Rock
Only Walt Smith Premium Fiji Live Rock has Excellent Shapes and beautiful Coralline Algae. So Remember Not All Fiji Rock is the Same!

Walt Smith's Premium Fiji is by far the Best Fiji Rock

The Walt Smith Staff hand picks and packs high-quality live rock collected only from the waters off the coast of the Fiji Islands. Every piece of Fiji Live Rock we receive is unique and a celebration of the oceans ability to create beauty from nature. Each box contains rocks in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Most of the pieces have natural crevices and pores aiding in water circulation and providing natural hiding places for fish and invertebrate's. Coralline algae will be on the rock face of each piece. This coralline algae will become part of the Fiji rock's beauty in the aquarium. Fiji Rock color's range from sandy-colored to brown, green, maroon and purple depending on the amount and color of coralline algae, and any ancient coral or plant life coverage. With Walt Smith Premium Fiji rock you will have a multitude of interesting shapes. We see oblong and boulder like shapes, fused colonies that are the result of ancient coral colonies, along with combinations of all the descriptions above. When the Live Rock comes in we immediately place it in our vats of fresh synthetic seawater to re-hydrate.

Finally when orders come in, we carefully package each piece, and place them in our insulated styrofoam 19" x 14" x 15" shipping containers, finish the packing with styrofoam noodles for extra cushioning, and a final double wall corrugated shipping box is placed on top. Boxes shipped with a final weight between 25 and 27 pounds. To ensure freshness orders are shipped via FedEx 3 Day service.

Live Rock is Very necessary for a Successful Saltwater Aquarium.

Live rock is the perfect host for a wide variety of good bacteria and micro and macro flora/fauna. It is crucial for a strong biological filtration in any type of saltwater aquarium (fish only), or Reef Aquarium(live coral, inverts and fish). Live Rock is easy to maintain in the aquarium and excellent for both the beginner to the expert aquarist. Live Rock requires moderate lighting and moderate water movement, along with the addition of calcium, strontium, iodine, and trace elements. Although the live rock we ship is pre-cured in Fiji, you will always want to re-cure your live rock upon arrival for best results. This quick re-cure will be done in just a few days so get er' done! After that, go ahead and design the aquariums rock structure which is called Aquascaping Your Aquarium. When you use the best Live Rock you guarantee yourself you will have a great looking natural structure to place your live coral and fancy invertebrates on. Live rock can be altered when needed by using a hammer and chisel. Just be sure to wear safety goggles. Rocks can be put together inside your aquarium using many available reef glues & epoxies, cable ties, plastic pipes, use your imagination. Create your rock structures to include higher areas for corals and invertebrates requiring stronger light, along with midway and lower areas for lower light corals and invertebrates. When creating your palace in the ocean include any necessary power heads and hide them within the rock to provide your live coral the extra water flow needed. The final result, an amazing corner of the ocean replicating the underwater beauty found in the oceans around the world. Once your aquarium has established itself you will start noticing aquatic life showing up. What you say? Things like tiny sponges will start growing, saltwater plants, tiny starfish, interesting gorgonians, crustaceans and fan worms will be seen. All this bio-diversity is what matures your tank, filtering your water and eating unwanted bits of food (called detritus) and of course all those little shrimps and copepods that start showing up are a great food source for many of your desired aquarium livestock.

Recommended amount of Fiji Live Rock

For Fiji Live Rock We typically recommend 1 to 2 lbs. of live rock per gallon, depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

25 Pounds With Free Shipping 

50 Pounds With Free Shipping 

Number of Boxes :

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Due to variations in the live rock, please expect differences in shape, color and amount of color. A very small amount of rubble may be present upon receipt of the box.
This is normal and is a result of transportation. The small amount of rubble can help to seed new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copepods and other micro-fauna.