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Advanced Aquarist Restricted Species 1 Hour Guarantee List

The marine life listed below are recommended for Scientific use, Expert Use, or for the Advanced Aquarist ONLY. This means these species either have an increased level of care required; are very difficult to ship; more difficult to acclimate; or more difficult to keep alive in an aquarium. Therefore all below are recommended only for the expert marine aquarist, zoo, or research institution.

Restricted Species rules are as follows:

1.) Restricted Species Items only have a 1 Hour window of time to declare after delivery. The time stamp from UPS or FedEx Air delivery is used as the start of the 1 hour window.
2.) To declare a death of a restricted species during the time one must send an email with clear digital pictures to "" with a subject line "Restricted List DOA Report"
3.) The pictures must show the dead fish with the tail cut off on a white paper or paper towel so the picture will be clear. There are no exceptions to this rule. If cutting a tail off bothers you, please do not order a restricted species..
4.) Meeting the guarantee requirements Aquarium Creations will decide to either send a replacement out with free shipping or provide a credit for the doa fish. Shipping charges are never refunded.

Special Notice: Items on our Restricted List in RED are considered dangerous to other members of the tank because if they die they secrete toxins that can kill other tank inhabitants. In no way will Aquarium Creations be held responsible for any tank deaths.

Fathead Sunburst Anthias
Evansi Anthias
Purple Queen Anthias
Japanese Borbonius Anthias
Red Saddle Anthias
Bimaculatus Anthias

Boxfish / Cowfish
(ship well but if they die they can poison fish in the tank)
Black Boxfish
Blue Boxfish
Helmet Cowfish
Longhorn cowfish
Red-White Barred
Shaws Trunkfish 

(ship well but many marine life species including trigger fish, large wrasses, puffers, crabs, lobsters, Bristleworms, Fireworms, Octopi, and certain snails prey on clams. Since clams available to aquarist's are placed in aquariums with other species we are letting you know to watch out for clam predators.)
All Clams
Flame Scallops
Electric Flame Scallops

All Carpet Anemones

All Octopus
All Squid

Blueface Tile goby
Flashing Tile goby
Purple Tile goby(Hopolatilus Purpureus)
Skunk Tile goby(Hopolatilus Marcosi)
Golden Head Sleeper Goby
Flaming Prawn Goby (Griessingeri)

All species

All species
All species

Saltwater Fish Mated Pairs
Mated pairs are shipped in seperate bags, but in the unfortunate case one does die, we cannot guarantee a complete pair after delivery. We will send the appropriate Male or Female to mate up with its partner. Follow the normal DOA reporting and picture. Most of the time this works but is no guarantee it will.

Sea Apples
All species

All species

Sea Slugs
All species
(ships well but they get sucked up in pumps very easily, we suggest adding safety sponges or netting to all pumps and powerheads within the aquarium.

All Wild Species

All species

Blue Linkia
Brittle Starfish
Feather Starfish

SPS Corals
Wild Acropora Colonies

Juvenile Red Coris Wrasse
Adult Red Coris Wrasse
Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse

Copyright 2018 Aquarium Creations Online. While Aquarium Creations does its best to make an accurate representation of marine life on our website there is no guarantee that the actual marine life delivered will match the colors seen on your computer. Often the color reproduction on a computer screen or mobil device may not be produce the correct colors.