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Live Rock - Reef Aquarium Live Rock


Aquarium Creations Online sells 13 varieties of live rock with pictures and descriptions. We provide all the information you need to know before purchasing your rock. Need rock now? This Month Only! Free Shipping On ALL live rock purchases.

We now sell Reef Rock brand Aquarium Rock which is man made live rock, very close to the look of real live rock. Live Rock is important for any saltwater aquarium. The Live Rock in your aquarium keeps a strong, healthy biological, so its use is recommended for any aquarium. Live rock is full of beneficial organisms that are needed to support the saltwater aquarium. Live rock in any saltwater aquarium provides benefits by adding an important live food source for all your aquatic life. The advantages of Live Rock go much further, the surface area of the rock provides the best biological surface possible. This keeps your chemistry in check for a healthy aquarium and keeps your aquarium water crystal clear. So every aquarium be it a reef tank or a fish only Aquarium, not only will look great but will be stronger.

Click for Everything you need to know about live rock
Everything You Should Know About Live Rock!
Click for How We Hand Pick and Pack Live Rock
Hand Picking & Hand Packing Live Rock Orders
Click for Premium Fiji Live Rock

Premium Fiji Live Rock
Click for Caribbean Reef Live Rock

Caribbean Reef Live Rock

Click for Real Reef Live Rock
"Real Reef" Rock

  Click for Bali Alor Live Rock
Bali Alor Live Rock

   Click for Beautiful Tonga Kaelini Live Rock
Tonga Kaelini also called Tonga Deepwater Live Rock
Click for Premium Mix of Nano Live Rock
Nano Tank Live Rock
Click on Rubble Rock for starting or strengthening your aquarium's important biological.
Sump Rock (Excellent Biological!)

Click for our Combination Live Rock, a mixture of our best live rock.
Combination Box Live Rock
Click for our 100% Eco-friendly live rock.
Premium Eco-Friendly Dry Live Rock





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All live rock is unique in shape and variations from pictures in both shape and color must be expected. Live rock shipped may need time for all the colors to return. This comes from the curing process. The better the aquariums chemistry, the quicker your rock will regain any lost colors.