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So Do You REALLY Want to be Shipped "Ocean Fresh Fish" for your home aquarium?
That's easy, we don't think so, because we sure wouldn't.

So what makes the Saltwater Marine Fish We Ship You So Unique?
We are the only online saltwater fish dealer we know that refuses to ship "Ocean Fresh Fish". All of Aquarium Creation Online's Marine Fish are Guaranteed Aquarium Conditioned for a period of no less than 14 days to as much as 30 days (depending on the species). With proper saltwater parameters met, under specific aquarium conditions that allow the fish we ship you to adapt easily to your home saltwater aquarium.

So, here's why You REALLY Want Aquarium Creation Online's "Aquarium Conditioned Fish".
1.It means the marine fish we ship you are eating pellet aquarium food and/or frozen aquarium food.
2.It means whether they are tiny or large, their stomachs will not be pinched, because they've been fed well.
3.It means they will not be sickly and stressed when we ship them out to you.
4.It means their coloration will be the best it can be.
5.It means we've done the best possible to make sure that if their is going to be any problems, the problems will show up in our tanks and not in your home aquarium.

Please Follow our Saltwater Fish Acclimation Instructions
Correct acclimation procedures give your aquarium saltwater fish a healthy transition to their new home.
The acclimation instructions for saltwater fish are provided below to give the proper procedures for long term success with your saltwater fish aquarium.
Saltwater Fish Acclimation Instructions 

Angel Fish

Angler and Frog Fish


Bat Fish

and Pseudochromis

Butterfly Fish

Cardinal Fish


Damsels and Chromis


Gobies, Blennies,
Jawfish and Dragonettes

Groupers and Hamlets
Foxface - Rabbitfish

Hog Fish

Hawk Fish

Lion Fish


Sharks and Rays

Sea Horses and Pipe Fish

Surgeon Tangs

Trigger Fish and File Fish 

Reef Safe Wrasse

NOT Reef Safe Wrasse

Saltwater Fish Article: Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Saltwater Fish for Sale for Your Saltwater Fish Tank 

For people that enjoy marine life saltwater fish make excellent small pets in a home aquarium. Fish are excellent to watch, they help one relax, and are often a focal point in the home living room. Saltwater fish are the more preferred fish over freshwater fish for the home aquarium because they tend to have very striking colors and are more interesting to watch. Fortunately, for home aquarists seeking to buy saltwater fish as pets, there are hundreds of fish to choose from, many beginner saltwater fish and many Tank-Bred saltwater aquarium fish for sale. By purchasing a Tank Bred saltwater fish you are protecting the oceans of the world from erradication and just as important Tank Bred Saltwater Fish are hardier than their wild caught counterpart and additionally very accustomed to aquarium life and eating well with aquarium food.By learning more about the various types of saltwater fish for sale, you can determine which fish can peacefully live together in your aquarium. Under every fish we have a classification from easy to moderate to difficult. Beginner aquarist's should stick to beginner fish for the first home saltwater aquarium. This will greatly increase your saltwater aquarium's odds for success. Read the information on each saltwater fish you are interested in and chose carefully following the information provided to make sure all the requirements are met. Last, be sure that you keep species of the same temperament together. Anotherwords, if you like aggressive saltwater fish, choose only fish that are able to take care of themselves such as Surgeon Fish, Trigger Fish, Lion Fish, and even Eels. Watch the correct substrate required for your choice of saltwater fish. Do they need live rock in their tank, and do they need hiding place's placed for sleeping or "to chill out" in. Saltwater fish for sale can vary in food choice as well. Are they carnivor's, omnivorous, or herbivor's? Make sure your tank of carnivorus saltwater fish are not fed an expensive meal of gobies, blennies or damsels. Any fish that will fit in their mouth will be a meal for the carnivour's. Omnivourous and herbivourous fish can be placed together as long as both types of food are fed. Each fish will feed on what it likes to eat. As long as you feed a varied diet that includes both, you can mix these two without any concern. Therefore by making educated choices for your saltwater fish and your saltwater aquarium, you will have a beautiful marine aquarium that will be a beautiful hobby for years to come.
Saltwater fish photos are representative of species. Saltwater aquarium fish are unique . Variations should be expected.
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