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Reef Aquarium Corals


Live Coral love to be pampered - When you buy live coral from, you can be assured you will buy live aquarium corals that have been pampered and properly cared for. Any live coral that has been collected and shipped halfway across the globe, arrives understandably, in need of some rejuvenation. Which is why we do our best to downright pamper them during their stay. Whether you are interested in Live Acropora corals, Aquacultured corals, SPS corals, LPS corals, Mushroom corals, Xenia coral, Zoanthid corals, Leather corals, or any other Soft coral, their treatment begins with a slow-drip acclimation to equalize temperature, ph and alkalinity. Then we place the aquarium coral in our reef aquarium holding tanks where the water quality is perfect. High current wave action cleans any built up slime coat and loosens the sand and bacteria from their long journey. Their polyps begin to extend and reach out to the available food and light.

Appropriate Coral Lighting - All aquarium corals are placed in appropriate lighting depending upon there needs. For low light corals, they are placed under Power Compacts. On reef aquarium corals that need extreme lighting, we use only the best Metal Halide 1000-watt, 6,700K metal halide lighting to which will awaken the sleeping polyps and color enhancing zooxanthellae. Under these conditions our corals thrive and nourish, until we send them on their way.

Picking and packaging your aquarium coral - All live corals shipped out, are chosen with the most stringent quality controls followed. All corals are packaged with the utmost care, and carefully labeled to make identification easier for the beginner aquarist. We ship our corals using Fedex overnight services, and they are delivered right to your door.


 Xenia Live Coral


 Zoanthid Polyps





Photos are representative of each species. Each animal is unique and variations should be expected.
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