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  Saltwater Fish & More!
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Saltwater Fish & More!

Aquarium Creations provides aquarist's nationwide 100% guaranteed healthy saltwater fish. But its more than just words! To provide the best often means shipping from half way around the world. If not given the needed time to ease into saltwater aquarium life correctly it can have a negative effect on the fishes health. At our holding facility all newly received fish are 1st quarantined, then we give them time, placed in our aquarium holding systems for 15 days to 30 days, depending on species, for the fish to de-stress "put their fins up" and eat well for a while. Because we go through this process we can guarantee our customers they are getting the highest quality saltwater fish available anywhere. It's not just words, it costs us more, but our reputation for having the highest quality saltwater fish for sale makes it well worth it.

Saltwater Fish & More!
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