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Premium Indonesian Live Rock


Indonesian Live Rock

It is beautiful live rock. Some months it may be from Bali, others Java, the big island in Indonesia. Either way they are about the same, the famous "Indo" rock. Dead coral pieces with multiple colors of corallines, great shapes, nooks and crannies, lots of life. Indonesian rock is harvested and then cleaned and stored in concrete vats, or runs, that circulate to the sea. So, the initial hard cure from collection takes place over there, before they ship, and the cure here will be light to moderate at most. It can be as fast as a week. We have carried it before when it was available.

When rocking your reef tank with Indonesian Live rock and other types, it is acceptable to combine a few different islands live rock. You may also alter the sizes and shape of your live rock with a hammer and chisel. This will not damage the integrity of the rock, nor it's inhabitants. Please be careful to wear eye protection if you are chiseling live rock.

You pay only for the weight of the live rock, not the weight of the packaging. Unlike some other online dealers, Aquatic Connection Live does not count the box and all packaging materials as part of the Indonesian live rock weight ordered. All live rock orders are handpicked , then hand packaged, first wrapped in plastic and paper for cushioning, then we pack all orders in a styrofoam container and styro foamies for extra cushioning.

Indonesian Live Rock is easy to maintain in either a reef or fish only aquarium, and makes an excellent addition for both the beginner or experienced aquarist. Live rock requires moderate lighting and moderate water movement, along with the addition of calcium, strontium, iodine, and trace elements to color up nicely and maintain its beautiful ocean coloration.

Important: Adding Live Rock to a tank who already has fsaltwater ish or coral in it ? Although our Indonesian live rock has been treated ,cleaned, and cured, it is imperative to do a final cure of any live rock from any supplier, upon receipt, before it is placed in the display aquarium that contains fish, coral, or inverts.

Recommended amount of Live Rock - Indonesian Live Rock requires approx 1-1/2 pounds per gallon for the correct biological diversity.

All Live Rock Guaranteed to be handpicked and packaged!!

Note: A small amount of rubble may be present upon receipt of the box as this is normal and is a result of transportation. The rubble can help to seed new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copepods and other micro-fauna.

25 Pounds Indonesian Live Rock (6 to 9 inches) with free shipping 

50 Pounds Indonesian Live Rock (6 to 9 inches) with free shipping

25 Pounds XLarge Indonesian Live Rock (9 to 15 inches) with free shipping

50 Pounds XLarge Indonesian Live Rock (9 to 15 inches) with free shipping

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Due to variations in the live rock, please expect differences in shape, color and amount of color.