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Aquarium Powerheads and Aquarium Circulation Pumps
Aquarium powerheads and Aquarium Circulation pumps operate while being completely submersed inside the aquarium. There use is to provide an increased level of water movement in dead spots and areas requiring increased water flow throughout the reef aquarium.
Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Pumps
  Koralia Evolution is a new innovative range of aquarium circulation pumps. This pump's water flow is at the same time powerful and delicate making it ideal for marine and reef tanks. From 1700 to 1400 gph.
Hydor Koralia Nano Tank Circulation Pumps
  Designed especially to work in small Nano size reef aquariums, Hydor's Nano pumps are part of Koralia's new innovative and unique range of circulation pumps. 240gph and 420 gph models.
Hydor Koralia Magnum Circulation Pumps
  The new Koralia models 5-6-7-8 guarantee unbelievable performance for probably the lowest power consumption of any pump on the market. Equipped with an electronic start up system, new technology rotors and propellers, compact in size, these new models flow from 1650 gph to 3250 gph.
  Coralife Circulation Pumps
  Coralife Circulation Pumps are submersible circulation pumps for freshwater and saltwater applications. The wide output simulates natural reef and river currents for a vibrant, active aquatic environment. The super strength suction cup mounting bracket is easy to install, remove and position. The pivot bracket allows the user to position the pump at any angle.

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